GolfSE 2019 Junior Championships

Added: 10. 12. 19
Junior golfers traveled to Kingston Golf Course on Sunday to play in the Golf SE Junior Championships
Four Players from the Mid north ventured down to pay in our event. It was great to catch up with them.
A total of 10 players played a 18 hole stroke event
Mitchell Angel was best Boy with Charley Robinson close behind, both are from Kingston
Amber Evers from Tanunda Pines was best girl with Rebecca Hardy from Sandy Creek runner up.
Callum Harvey from Blue Lake won the boys nett and Hamish Evers from Tanunda Pines runner up.
Delta Robinson from Kingston won the girls nett and Tegan Hardy from Sandy Creek runner up.
Three other players play a 9 hole short Course.
Angus Norcock from Naracoorte was best boy and Jasper Coe from Port MacDonnell runner up.
Matilda Coe from Port MacDonnell was best girl.
It sure was a warm day and everyone enjoyed the Kingston Course.
Special Thanks to Diana Perkins for all the work she done this year as Junior Coordinator.
2019 Golf SE Boy Champion was Mitchell Angel from Kingston with Charley Robinson  from Kingston runner up.
2019 Golf SE Girl Champion was Suzannah Bhutia from Naracoorte beating her sister  Arabella Bhutia from Naracoorte on a countback
2019 Golf SE Boy Champion – Mitchell Angel (Kingston) 86
2019 Golf SE Boy Runner-Up – Charley Robinson (Kingston) 89
2019 Golf SE Girl Champion – Suzannah Bhutia (Naracoorte) 103 on c/b
2019 Golf SE Girl  Runner-Up – Arabella Bhutia (Naracoorte) 103
Boy Gross Winner – Mitchell Angel (Kingston) 86
Boy Gross Runner-Up – Charley Robinson (Kingston) 89
Girl Gross Winner – Amber Evers (Tanunda Pines) 89
Girl Gross Runner-Up – Rebecca Hardy (Sandy Creek) 97
Boy Nett Winner –  Callum Harvey (Blue Lake) 76
Boy Nett Runner-Up  – Hamish Evers (Tanunda Pines) 81
Girl Nett Winner – Delta Robinson (Kingston) 78
Girl Nett Runner-Up – Tegan Hardy (Sandy Creek) 83
Girls NTP 4th in 2 shots – Tegan Hardy (Sandy Creek)
Boys NTP 6th in 2 shots – Mitchell Angel (Kingston)
Girls NTP 15th – Amber Evers (Tanunda Pines) Drawn
Boys NTP 17th – Charley Robinson (Kingston) Drawn
Long Drive 18th Boys – Mitchell Angel (Kingston)
Long Drive 16th Girls – Arabella Bhutia (Naracoorte)
9 Hole Boy Winner – Angus Norcock (Naracoorte) 43
9 Hole Boy Runner-Up –  Jasper Coe (Port MacDonnell) 59
9 Hole Girl Winner – Matilda Coe (Port MacDonnell) 60