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So Much Choice:

Who Gets Left Behind?

The Pros have it so easy. Before every tournament they get to play a few practice holes, get a feel for the course and the conditions, and then they have the manufacturer on speed-dial so they can tweak their set make-up accordingly… They even have someone to carry their bag!

That tweaking might be as simple as choosing a Hybrid over a long Iron, or the inclusion of an extra Fairway, but the moral of this story is simple; the Pros go out each and every day (unless you’re name is Ian Woosnam) safe in the knowledge that the best possible 14 clubs are in the bag. Do you?

Let’s make the best of it

Unfortunately we don’t enjoy the same luxuries as the Tour Professionals, and when you consider the multitude of Fairway/Hybrid/Iron options available in the market today that’s a big problem; if we went out and bought all of them without the proper know-how we’d end up with huge overlaps in our long game, AND we’d struggle to lift the bag!

This month we are going to start putting that right by discussing how we go about putting the ideal “long game” set together, and – if you do tend to play a lot of different courses – which clubs you might keep in reserve to help you maximise your performance.

When looking at filling the bag it’s best to approach it like a footy coach who’s trying to pick the starting team; we first need to understand the skills sets of each player, how they work with others, how they suit your style of play. Then we can decide if they will add value to your team sheet.

Once we have done our homework it’s then a case of looking at the form book, as the last thing we want to do is carry ‘deadweight’ – clubs that create distance overlaps and further contribute to your bad back.

That’s where your PGA Professional coach comes in. Not only will we help you to ‘pick the team’ and make sure every club is fully custom fitted to your game, we will – should you wish – also help you to select the squad; so you’re equally well equipped no matter the course or the conditions.

Come and see us

If there’s a big gap between your Driver and your next longest club, or if you’re finding that most of your longer clubs tend to go the same distance, then come and see us for an assessment; we’ll help patch those holes, map your distances out, and give you every chance to lower your scores. Click here or reply to this newsletter to let us know if you need help with your club selection and we will make a plan to help improve your game.