2019 GolfSE Pennants – The story so far….

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Matches played at Kingston Golf Club

Great weather for the day at Kingston little rain in morning but no rain once matches started

In A1 – Mount Gambier played Naracoorte and Mount Gambier defeated Naracoorte 4/1

In A2 – Mount Gambier played Penola and Mount Gambier defeated Penola 5/0

In Handicap:

Mount Gambier Red played Blue Lake 2 and mount Gambier defeated Blue Lake 4 1/2 to ½

Mount Gambier Black played Lucindale and Mount Gambier defeated Lucindale 3/2

Naracoorte played Blue Lake 1 and Naracoorte defeated Blue Lake 5/0

Kingston played Penola and Penola defeated Kingston 4/1

Thank you to Kingston Golf Club for putting on a great day and for your help getting the field away and the volunteers for providing lunch.

Current leader board, as attached:

2019 Pennants Ladder